CR Bradley Performance Horses 2016 Prices

The top priority of CR Bradley Performance Horses continues to be providing you with the best training possible while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your horse(s). You can always be assured that I personally oversee the care and training of your horse(s). While reviewing the following monthly rates please keep in mind that I (C.R.) personally ride and train each of your horses 100% of the time. I must limit the number of horses in training in order to give your horse the best possible chance to succeed. Your horse will be stalled in a first-class training facility, as well as have the best equipment and care available.

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Here is a summary of our rates effective 1/1/16 with a brief description:

Training:  $1,200.00  per month – including board. Minimum time to produce a calf roping horse is usually one year after completion of Basic Training. **Stallions will be $1400.00 per month for training and board and the extra care that they require.

Board: $500.00/month or $17.00/day providing the finest in professional care; includes: high quality grain and hay as required to maintain optimum health and condition, turnout, grooming, and blanketing as required.

Mileage: Mileage is $.65 per mile per horse for hauling

Showing: Showing is $50 per class. If there are off-days from showing, there will be a $30 day charge. These fees are for the added cost of attending a show, grooming, and my professional services. Owners are responsible for all entry, registration, stall, and shaving fees. Any motel rooms, team roping help, tack stall, help horse’s stall, or any other expenses that are accrued during a show will be divided between horses. Owners receive all prizes (trophies, ribbons, buckles, trailers, etc.) that their horse wins in judged competitions. Prize money will be divided equally between the owner and myself.  I retain any money or prizes won on time or given for exhibitor.

World Show and Futurities

The showing fee for the AQHA World Show and Rope Horse Futurities will differ from the show fee for the regular year shows. This fee will be determined by August. At the AQHA World Show and Futurities, prize money will be equally divided between the owner and myself. I cannot guarantee that I personally will be able to show a horse at the World Show. If I do not show your horse I will provide a qualified professional to do so.

Catch Riding

It is $100 to catch ride a horse that is not in training with CR Bradley Performance Horses.


Any buying or selling that CR handles is done with a 10% commission.  This may be split once if there is more than one party involved.  This fee is due at the time of the sale.


I may ask for expenses prior to attending a show.  All bills will be sent out by the last day of the month and are due by the 15th of the following month. If your bill is not paid by the last day of the month, 5% interest will accrue.

You may view the training of your horse but please call and make an appointment first so that I can ride your horse at the time of your visit. The best time to reach me by phone is between 7:00 & 8:30 PM.

We appreciate your business very much. We are looking forward to 2015 being the most successful year yet for you and CR Bradley Performance Horses.


NFR qualifier and 18x AQHA Open World and Reserve World Champion

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